Headstone Finishes

Polished no# 2 is the default way the headstones are constructed from us. If you don't specify when you call to order, we will assume the POL 2. See below to know what the {POL} is.

POL 2 = front and back is polished - edges rocked

Die: polish 2; edges rocked
Base: polished top; edges rocked

POL 3 = front, back & top polished
POL 5 = front, back, top & ends polished




The finish of the monument should be in keeping with the design and material used. Our long experience enables us to suggest the finish best suited for the monuments shown on this web site.

MARBLE MONUMENTS: All white and grey marble monuments will be furnished in the VELVET finish. This is a smooth un-glossed finish which shows the natural beauty of these varieties to best advantage.

GRANITE MONUMENTS: There are four different finishes in wide use for Granite monuments. They are described as follows:

VELVET finish: This is a smooth, unglazed finish which shows the natural color of the stone. It is often preferred for larger, more expensive monuments because it blends in with natural surroundings to best advantage. It is almost always used in connection with Polished monuments for inscription panels.

POLISHED finish: This is a mirror-like, glossy finish, and is preferred by many. Granite will retain this finish indefinitely.

ROCKED finish: This is the rugged natural appearing finish often used for the edges of Granite monuments. The use of this finish reduces the cost of the work and if properly executed by skilled craftsmen adds to the beauty of the design.

SAWED finish: Granite blocks are sawed into slabs of various thickness' as the first step in manufacturing monuments. This sawed surface is semi-smooth, having ridges in it made by the cutting action of the huge diamond saws. This surface is not suitable for carving or lettering, and is therefore used only for the backs of Dies.

The memorial is an artistic creation, symbolic of two of the finest human traits- love and remembrance. It should be carved of the most beautiful material obtainable; the design should be artistic and the workmanship skilled.

There are many beautiful materials-but none have proved the equal of Marble or Granite. Down through the centuries the enduring qualities and the beauty of these two natural materials have made them the first choice for materials.

The very word "marble" is suggestive of beauty. It's fine qualities have appealed to every civilization. In Old Testament history it is recorded that King David provided marble stones in abundance to beautify the great Temple of Jerusalem. Marble played an important part in the "glory that was Greece, the grandeur that was Rome." Our marble is similar in appearance and physical make-up to the marble from which the sculptured masterpieces of Phidias, Praxiteles and Michelangelo were carved.

Since time of the ancient Egyptians and their massive monuments and buildings, granite has been the first choice of all materials for permanence. Man has never been able to improve upon this natural material when a combination of beauty and durability is desired.


What is meant by the terms Die and Base? The die is the main part of the monument. The base is the bottom or base of the monument. The two pieces together form a memorial.

All sizes shown in inches (in). For example: Die 30 in. wide, 6 in. thick, 22 in. high. Base 36 in. wide, 12 in. thick, 6 in. high. Weight (Wt.) 710 (lbs.). Total height of memorial (Ht.) 28 in. The weights shown on this site are the estimated shipping weights.


The lettering and carving on monuments pictured on this site have been darkened with Lithichrome spray. You must specify on your order if you want Lithichrome.

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