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Figure 1
Do not allow a bar or tool to touch the stone. Protect by placing a soft wood block between the metal and the stone. Move base on foundation with wooden rollers. Leave crating on all pieces to protect them until in final position, and then remove crating very carefully. Be sure stone sets firm and level on foundation.

This illustration shows the proper method of lowering the
Figure 2
This illustration shows the proper method of lowering the base into the correct position.

This illustration shows the approved method of placing the Figure 3
This illustration shows the approved method of placing the die on the base by making an incline of blocks and planks. Roll the die on the base, and then remove the crating very carefully

Place a soft wood block between the stone and lifting bar Figure 4
Place a soft wood block between the stone and lifting bar, and be sure the stone is in the exact correct position and the dowel pins, if any, are in the proper place. Raise the die and remove bottom boards of crate. Then let down a little at a time until in the proper position. Test with level in all directions, and be sure that it stands perfectly level and square on the base.

Large Granite Monuments: Place the base into position on the foundation, using wooden rollers. Remove the crate, and be sure that the base stands level in all directions. Place a small piece of wedge lead 1/8" thick on each of the four corners, 3/8" in from the edges. Place the main block on the base and set it in position. This will leave a space of about 1/8" between the main block and the base. Cut a strip of wedge lead of the right length and place it in the joint. Drive it carefully and evenly into the joint. Trim the lead off with a chisel or knife if necessary. Drive the lead in tight so as to seal the joint. Follow these directions carefully, and this will permanently seal the pieces of your monument.

Small Granite Monuments and Marble Monuments: Place the base in the proper position on the foundation. Remove the crates carefully, and be sure not to chip the marble. After you have the base set level, make a thin paste of cement and spread evenly over the top of the base where the main block is to rest. Place the main block in position as shown by illustrations above. Carefully remove the crates and lower into the exact position.Wipe off any cement that squeezes out before it has a chance to set or harden. Be sure to clean and wash the memorial carefully to remove all dirt and finger marks. Wash with water, using a brush if necessary.

Measure the base of the monument, and dig a hole that measures the exact size of the base. The depth of the foundation is to be governed by the nature of the soil. A general rule, however, that may be safely followed is, monument weighing up to 1,000 pounds should have foundation 18 inches deep; 1,000 to 2,500 pounds should be 3 feet deep; from 2,500 to 6,000 pounds 4 feet deep.

A good foundation is made of rock and mortar, the mortar being three parts sand and one of cement. This is used with rock---five parts of stone to one part of mortar.

The mortar used in the bottom of the foundation should be thinner than that used at the top. The mortar used on top of the foundation in finishing it off should be a little stiffer and within one or two hours it will set sufficiently to erect the monument.

Pound the bottom of this hole down until the dirt is packed hard. Be sure that the hole is filled level with ground, the top being a smooth surface of cement, level with a spirit level. Now place the base in position, and then place the die on the base, connecting the two with a layer of cement. Do not remove crate until each piece is in position.

A monument erected in this fashion will not be affected by the working of frost and should remain plumb and true for hundreds of years.

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