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If you follow this "checklist" below, we will GUARANTEE that you will have no problems getting your monument accepted at the cemetery.


WARNING: If you don't follow this checklist, we will not issue refunds of any kind if your headstone get rejected by the cemetery.


1. Before you order any headstone from us, contact the cemetery where the memorial is to be placed. They will need to know the dimensions so they can tell you if what you're wanting to get is allowed or not. Also, tell them the color and the material (granite, marble or bronze) of the headstone. Some cemeteries allow only certain color granite or marble on their grounds.

2. Have the cemetery send you a fax or email confirming the dimensions as acceptable. DO NOT accept their verbal authorization (ok) over the phone as real confirmation of your request. If you don't have access to a fax, contact us and we'll fax the dimensions to them and have them fax back the confirmation. The key is to get the confirmation in writing.

3. Ask if "Lithichrome" is allowed on the headstone or not. Not all cemeteries allow lithichrome, so ask them. 

4. If you're ordering a double headstone, ask the cemetery as to which side the names must be. Some cemeteries require the male name on the left, while others require it on the right. The same for the female. Also, some couples are buried side-by-side while some others are buried stacked on top of the other.

5. Ask if the plot number or other grave information have to be engraved on the headstone. Some cemeteries require that the grave and plot information be engraved on the back bottom, probably to the right end of the stone. Ask them to be sure.

6. Ask the cemetery if they need to see a sketch of the headstone. Some cemeteries require a sketch first before they'll approve the headstone or not. Although the sketch (drawing of stone) and dimensions (length, width and height) are different altogether, they may want to see the sketch just to make sure nothing offensive or objectional is going to be engraved on the headstone.

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